Check Out These 5 Amazing Alternatives to Among Us

Among Us has quickly become a global phenomenon, and it's easy to see why. The game has simple yet captivating gameplay, an interesting story, and plenty of replayability. However, there are many other games out there that offer a similar experience to Among Us. Here is a list of the top five Among Us alternatives currently available on the market. 

Project Winter: A Co-Op Survival Game

Project Winter logo

Intro: If you’re looking for a more intense alternative to Among Us, then Project Winter is the perfect game for you! Set in a post-apocalyptic winter wasteland, Project Winter puts players in the shoes of eight survivors who must cooperate to escape from their frozen prison before they succumb to starvation or hypothermia. 


Players must use their wits and build teamwork to survive in this hostile environment. They must scavenge for resources such as food, shelter, and weapons while also trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. As they progress through the game’s various missions, players will have to make tough choices about which tasks take precedence over others and how best to utilize their limited supplies. 

Story & Setting

In Project Winter, players find themselves in an isolated area where a mysterious entity has taken control of all communication networks. It is up to them to figure out what’s going on and why they have been chosen as part of this experiment while also finding a way back home. The backdrop of the game creates an atmosphere of tension and dread as players struggle against both human opponents and nature itself in order to survive. 

Spaceteam: A Co-Op Space Adventure

Spaceteam logo

If you’re looking for something with a bit more sci-fi flair than Among Us, then Spaceteam might be just what you need! This co-op space adventure pits players against each other as they race against time in order to save their ship from certain destruction. 


In Spaceteam, each player is a crew member aboard a spaceship that is hurtling towards certain doom unless its crew can work together quickly enough to fix its malfunctioning systems. Every round starts with each player receiving instructions which must be completed before time runs out, or else everyone loses! With every passing second adding more pressure and chaos into the mix, Spaceteam requires fast thinking, quick reflexes, and excellent communication skills if its players want any chance at success.  

Story & Setting

The story behind Spaceteam revolves around an interstellar rescue mission gone wrong – with your ship being pulled into the gravitational pull of an unknown planet! Together with your teammates, it’s up to you to make sure your spacecraft makes it back home safely by any means necessary. Set against the backdrop of deep space exploration, Spaceteam offers plenty of exciting action sequences and beautiful visuals that will enthrall you until you reach your destination.  

Don’t Starve Together: A Co-Op Wilderness Survival Game

Don’t Starve Together takes things up another notch when it comes to survival games – pitting players against wild animals and dark forces lurking in the shadows! This co-op wilderness survival game requires teamwork and resourcefulness if its players hope to make it out alive.  


Don’t Starve Together puts its players in charge of managing resources such as food and shelter while also trying not to get lost or killed by monsters lurking around every corner! Working together is essential here – whether it be building fires or setting traps – if everyone wants any chance at surviving this harsh environment filled with danger at every turn.  

Story & Setting

Don’t Starve Together tells the story of Wilson – one man alone who finds himself stranded in a strange wilderness filled with creatures he can neither understand nor defeat on his own. It falls upon him (and his team) now, then uses whatever resources they can find in order to make it through this hostile land alive! Set within an alternate reality reminiscent of classic fairy tales, Don’t Starve Together offers plenty of suspenseful moments along with some truly captivating visuals that will keep your eyes glued until long after your play session has ended. 

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime: A Co-Op Space Shooter

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime logo

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime isn’t your typical space shooter – instead, requiring cooperation above all else if its players hope for any chance at success. This couch co-op game pits two brave pilots against hordes upon hordes of enemies while forcing them (quite literally) into close-quarters combat scenarios.


Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime requires quick reflexes as well as excellent communication between its two pilots if they want any chance at making it through unscathed - especially when faced with overwhelming odds like these ones here. Players must manage multiple stations within their spacecraft (such as guns or shields), switching between them at lightning speed if they want any hope of surviving these intense battles - all while avoiding deadly obstacles like asteroids or laser beams sent by enemy ships waiting around every corner.

Story & Setting

In Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime, our two protagonists come from completely different backgrounds but have found themselves thrust together by fate aboard their own little ship traveling through deep space on an unknown mission…or so we think anyway since most information regarding this mission remains shrouded in mystery until further notice.  All we know is that our brave duo must battle waves upon waves of enemies hell-bent on destroying our heroes before they can complete their quest - no matter what may come their way - because sometimes even love isn't strong enough when pitted against overwhelming odds like these ones here.  

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes: An Interactive Puzzle Game

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes logo

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes takes puzzle-solving up several levels by requiring both communication skills AND logical reasoning – otherwise, consequences could get dire real fast here, folks. This interactive bomb defusal simulator tests both teams' knowledge about bomb refusal techniques (as well as each other's patience), making sure only those who prove worthy will be able to pass this test unscathed.


Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes provides challenging puzzles involving bomb disarming, which require fast thinking and cooperation between multiple people if anyone wants any chance at success here - otherwise, things will get very explosive very quickly indeed. One person won't be enough though, since different tasks such as wiring circuits or deciphering codes require multiple people working together closely under high-pressure situations. All throughout, though, one thing remains constant - whoever talks too many risks getting everyone killed, so team members better practice listening closely too.   

Story & Setting

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes doesn't really have much story involved but still provides plenty of suspenseful moments, thanks mostly due it's unique setting - a secret facility filled with different types of bombs which need disarming ASAP otherwise, they risk blowing up everything around them. It's up now for our brave group to figure out how best to tackle each challenge thrown at them without hurting anyone during the process. Whether it's via trial error or logical deduction, only those who prove worthy enough pass these tests unscathed.

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