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Ramona Wainwright

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Mojang Studios unveiled Minecraft, their magnificent contribution to the genre of sandbox games, in 2009. Originally revealed to PC players worldwide, the game has since been adapted for a variety of platforms, such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS. Minecraft offers players unfettered access to a boundless open world teeming with infinite crafting possibilities and a cornucopia of building opportunities.

Gameplay: Craft, Mine, Build

The gameplay process of Minecraft is pretty simple: you appear in an open world and are free to do whatever you want. The world consists of blocks, which may be destroyed to gain resources or placed by using the resources. The resources may also be used in crafting, allowing the player to create almost 400 unique items. 

There are dozens of types of blocks, several enemy types, and lots of tools and weapons to create. The best part of Minecraft is building, which allows you to create basically any fort, castle, or even skyscraper you can imagine. However, gameplay is not the only great thing about the game, and we have more to discuss in this Minecraft review.

Graphics: Style is the Key

Minecraft graphics do not appeal to everyone, but they are definitely unique. This pixel and block style allows the game to create incredibly huge realms, so big that many players actually think they are infinite. The style also had a positive impact on the optimization: the same version of Minecraft is properly run on mobile devices, and there is even an option to cross-play with PCs on some servers.

Controls: Simple as Tap

One of the key factors of Minecraft’s success is its simplicity. It is very easy to learn the basics of the game as the controls are very intuitive. You just tap the screen on mobile devices to destroy blocks or analogically place them in one tap while building. The tools and different items are available on a hot bar, allowing you to easily and quickly switch between different items of yours.

In Conclusion

Minecraft is a great sandbox, one of the best available for mobile devices. There are lots of alternatives on PC, but they were all inspired by the success of Minceraft, so it is also a good choice to try the classics. The game is not free to play, but it entertains you for dozens or even hundreds of hours, so it is definitely worth the money.

The best part of it:

  • Wide range of items available for crafting;

  • Great optimization and cross-play option;

  • The game keeps you entertained for dozens or even hundreds of hours.

The worst part of It:

  •  The visual style won’t appeal to everyone.


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