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Garena Free Fire: Winterlands Review


Ramona Wainwright

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Garena Free Fire: Winterlands is an Android survival shooter. It was developed and published by the company with the same name — Garena International I Private Limited.  Users can get this game on Google Play for free. It is listed in the Action category. Although the game is completely free for installing and downloading, Garena Free Fire: Winterlands offers additional in-app purchases. 

Gameplay 5/5

Garena belongs to a survival shooter games and is only available on mobile devices. It has four main modes:

  • Classic (or original): you will place on the uninhabited island with other 49 players, all seeking survival. Therefore, your main task is to become the last one who survived; 
  • [10 minutes, 50 players, Epic survival goodness awaits]: it is a simpler and faster version of the original mode. The rules are the same but with one nuance: a new survivor will emerge within 10 minutes;
  • 4-main squad: in this mode, you can create a team and fight together. By the way, Garena provides you with an in-built voice chat;
  • Clash Squad: it is a fast game mode 4vs4;

On the island, players can find the safer place and stay there as long as possible, gather the resources and materials to craft the building, take a vehicle to explore the island, kill other players, collaborate with other players. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands is only available in a multiplayer mode. 

Graphics 5/5

The game has incredibly realistic graphics. One of the biggest misconceptions in the gaming industry is that most people still think that technology does not allow creating realistic and high-quality graphics on a mobile device. But this is not true anymore. Garena Free Fire: Winterlands has decent-designed landscapes, weather conditions, and people. Moreover, there are a lot of various animations and effects. 

Replay Value 5/5

In fact, Garena has the highest replay value. There are several reasons why we ranked the game so high. First of all, it has a multiplayer online mode, so gamers can play in real-time. Secondly, there are several modes inside the game. They vary by length, collaborate rules, and so on. Finally, the game has great visuals and sounds. 

Controls 5/5

With these easy to use controls, you will get one of the best survival experience on mobile devices. If you are a fan of the mobile shooters, so you will have no problem with the commands, as the developers implemented all the common controls in Garena Free Fire. But even if you are a newcomer, do not worry! We are sure that you quickly figure out how to play the game. 


Garena Free Fire: Winterlands is exactly one of the best survival shooters we have ever played on the mobile. It has addictive gameplay, realistic graphics, high-quality sounds, and easy-to-remember controls.


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