Five Wholesale Videogames Hiding Sinister Secrets

The videogame industry is full of various products that offer something for all gamers. There are action fans, sims players, shooter professionals, strategy maniacs. Everyone can find something to play. Some games hide some secrets that you can’t find without diving into it deeply. 

Final Fantasy IX – Vivi Had a Chance to Be Eaten

final fantasy ix gameplay

You are going to visit some dark locations. This game is about life, death, and grief. Even so, this is one of the most popular and played sinister games ever. Vivi Ornitier is one of the most famous characters in this series. However, only a few gamers know that there is some dark truth hiding in his past life. 

Vivi’s adoptive grandfather Quan wanted to eat him when he was small. This finding Vivi makes when he reaches the house of his grandfather. He sees a message on the wall saying that Vivi was too small to eat six weeks later after Quan has adopted him.

Cooking Mama – Don’t Make Her Angry

Cooking Mama poster

This is not another sinister video game. Cooking Mama is very popular among gamers, but there is something you need to know about it. This game is not as innocent as you may think. When she becomes angry, you will see flames in her eyes. 

Animal Crossing: The Supposed Death of Tortimer

Animal Crossing gameplay

This product is one of the most popular Nintendo video games ever. In the latest release, you will be able to visit a relaxing island. You can’t even imagine that secrets in video games can be so shocking. Mayor Tortimer has died in the transitions between the games. 

Super Mario Galaxy 2: What Are Those Hell Valley Sky Trees?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 poster

Super Mario is a true hit of Nintendo. This game is a masterpiece loved by all generations from those gamers who played Nintendo in the early 90th to all those who play the console currently. This is a family game, and you can’t even imagine that there are some sinister pages in it. 

However, if you play it attentively, you will find Hell Valley Sky Trees in the Galaxy 2 part of this product. When you are playing the first-person mode, you can look closer to those trees. You can’t interact with them, and there is no reason for their existence in the game. However, they are there..

Pikmin: A Pickmin Hybrid after Olimar’s Death

Pikmin gameplay

The fifth interesting secret that you can find in the games is the rebirth of Olimar as a hybrid of Pikmin. Olimar’s ship crashed and the protagonist has to collect the parts of it. Olimar has a short time to complete this task as he has a lack of oxygen in his device. 

The main character finds local inhabitants called Pikmin. Those inhabitants can be used as players soldiers helping him to find the parts of the ship and to fight the enemies. If Olimar fails to complete those tasks, he will die. Perhaps, you have never seen this scene before, but it is full of sinister. In the final shot of this scene, you will see the terrible hybrid of Olimin planted in the ground.

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