Top 5 Sea Games Worth Playing

We know how pleasant it is to relax by the sea in summer: slowly immerse yourself in the cooling surface of the water or quickly run in, covering everything with spray. But if you want to explore the sea, but it's far from the sea, it doesn't matter! Just turn on the exciting water element game from our collection. Survival games, bagels, adventures, and even a shark simulator are available.

Dave the Diver

dave the diver gameplay

Dave the Diver was released in June, and two days later, it was in fifth place on the list of the best-selling Steam games. The whole point is in a successful mix of genres: elements of RPG, action, world studies, and economics are collected here.

We play as a cool and multitasking diver. During the day, he dives into the depths, fights with fish, and searches for treasures, and in the evening, he works in a sushi bar: serves food, hires staff approves the menu… In addition to the main activities, the diver makes bets, goes to concerts, and carries bandits — and that's not all. Our hero undertakes any task with incredible enthusiasm!


Raft is a survivor in whose world all Greta Thunberg's fears have come true. Due to global warming, glaciers have melted, and water has covered the entire land. To survive, we cut across the ocean on a raft and slowly turn the connected pieces of wood into a house: we arrange a vegetable garden there, fasten fishing nets, and make filters for water purification. Alas, hurricanes, seagulls, and annoying sharks interfere with a tolerable life, which strives to destroy the raft and eat its passengers.

Sometimes, there are islands on the way — and it's even more dangerous there. Somewhere, for example, a stupid robot is driving around the site, which constantly hits with a shocker and asks to calm down. Yes, it is worth saving the planet so that this does not happen!


Abzû gameplay

The game is already seven years old, and it does not cease to impress with its luxurious visuals. Here, we can explore the seabed, swim with schools of fish, admire algae that shimmer in different colors and admire ancient cities. Add to this meditative music and the opportunity to sail off into the sunset on a dolphin — and here we have one of the most relaxing games in history.

There are enemies and traps in ABZ, but they do not pose a serious danger. In the worst case, they will be electrocuted and stunned for a couple of seconds. Just shake off and swim on!


Subnautica is always an up—to—date survival game where we control the only survivor of a spaceship crash. To survive on a planet covered with water, we have to craft weapons and upgrade scuba gear and oxygen tanks. And also to build an underwater house. The most valuable resources, of course, are stored deep in the impenetrable darkness among the formidable sea creatures. However, fans of this game are not afraid of difficulties and build luxurious bases at any depth. Would you dare to participate?


Maneater game art

The ocean is both beautiful and full of dangers. Let's take at least the hungry sharks that prowl in the depths, terrifying other underwater inhabitants and spreading panic among people. In Maneater, we play for just such a predator. And we will not miss our prey! We will have to fight dolphins, devour unfortunate divers, and look for a snack at the beaches — and this is just part of the bloodthirsty activities.

Just don't think that a shark is at the top of the food chain. Soon, our ward will get into trouble for her gray skin: people will grab weapons and go hunting, and there will be more serious opponents at the bottom. All that remains is to win, upgrade your skills, discover new abilities — and become the star of this underwater world!

And which games about the sea impress you? Maybe the pirate Sea of Thieves, the Lovecraftian Dredge, or the creepy Cold Fear? Tell us in the comments!

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