Austin Butler Navigates Speculation Around Heat 2 and Dives into Ari Aster's Western, Eddington

Austin Butler has recently spoken about the swirling speculation surrounding Heat 2. While he remains tight-lipped about his involvement in the much-anticipated sequel, he is eager to discuss his role in an upcoming Western titled Eddington, directed by Ari Aster.

"Yes, the original film holds a special place for me, but I prefer to remain silent on the sequel," Butler told Total Film for their latest issue, which will be available on Thursday, May 23, and features Twisters on its cover. During the conversation, the topic of the Heat sequel drifted.

Butler is speculated to take on the character Chris Shiherlis, a key figure beside notorious thief Neil McCauley, famously portrayed by Val Kilmer in the initial film. Heat 2 is poised to explore the narrative both before and after the events of the 1995 crime drama, with Michael Mann returning as director and Adam Driver rumored to step into Robert De Niro's shoes as McCauley.

However, Butler is keen to divulge details about Eddington, his forthcoming film orchestrated by Ari Aster, known for his work on Hereditary, Midsommar, and Beau is Afraid. "Eddington excites me monumentally," Butler stated. The ensemble of actors is phenomenal, consisting of individuals I've longed to collaborate with. Plus, it's birthed from Ari Aster’s genius, whose creativity is extraordinary and exceptionally distinctive. He's crafted something extraordinary and thrilling."

Butler's immediate project, The Bikeriders, chronicles the life of a 1960s Chicago biker gang. In it, Butler plays Benny, an unpredictable gang member, with Jodie Comer as his romantic partner, Kathy, and Tom Hardy as the gang's leader, Johnny.

The Bikeriders is slated for release on June 21. The new Total Film issue, which will land in stores and digital platforms on Thursday, May 23, offers further insights into this film and others.

Pre-orders are available for those keen on securing their copy, and subscriptions to Total Film are encouraged for those wishing to get their hands on every issue before it hits the stands, along with enjoying subscriber-only covers.

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