Debunking the Myths: Sony not Acquiring CD Projekt Red

In recent days, rumors swirled around the gaming community, suggesting that Sony might be acquiring CD Projekt Red, the esteemed Polish game developer behind the acclaimed Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. While the thought of such a buyout might be appealing to some, it turns out that these claims are nothing more than internet myths, as new sources have debunked these baseless speculations.

The report originated from a questionable forum post, which rapidly gained traction on various social media pages without any substantiation or official confirmation. Official sources and industry insiders have since dismissed these hearsay acquisitions, stating there is no evidence of any ongoing conversations or discussions in this regard. The rumors grew so big that CD Project Red and CEO Adam Kiciński had to comment on the situation. He stated:

"Nothing has changed in our end. So, I can repeat what we have been saying throughout the years - CD Projekt is not for sale. We want to remain independent. We have, I believe, an excellent strategy. Not easy to execute, for sure, but it's very exciting to follow our own path. So it's a pure rumor."

In contrast, CD Projekt Red has always maintained an exceptionally independent stance when it comes to its operations, and they have previously expressed disinterest in being acquired by any large corporation. This independence has allowed them to create exceptional, player-focused games that have stood the test of time.

While it can be fun to imagine the possible outcomes of such an acquisition, it is crucial to remain realistic and not get carried away with unfounded rumors. The denial of Sony's purchase of CD Projekt Red gives the developer the opportunity to continue charting its own course within the gaming industry, much to the delight of its dedicated fanbase. And, for now, that’s precisely how things will remain.

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