Dungeons of Hinterberg’s Latest Trailer Reveals Summer 2024 Release Window

Microbird, the game developers, along with their publishing partners at Curve Games, have recently disclosed that the anticipated release of Dungeons of Hinterberg is now set for a later date than originally planned. Previously expected to debut in Spring 2024, the game's launch has been moved to the summer of the same year. This announcement was coupled with the unveiling of an engaging new trailer, providing a glimpse into the game's captivating universe.

The newly released trailer not only announces the adjusted release timeline but also offers a view into the enchanting world of Hinterberg. Among the highlights are the towering Doberkogel peaks, the dense Hinterwald forests, the frosty landscapes of Kolmstein, and the mysterious swamps of Brunnelsumpf. 

Furthermore, the trailer teases several leisure activities that players can indulge in within the town of Hinterberg itself, including spending time at the local bar or catching a movie, providing a break from the adventure.

Dungeons of Hinterberg, which first captured the public's attention in June 2023 during the Xbox Games Showcase, follows the story of Luisa, a character who travels to the village of Hinterberg. Here, she discovers that the village has become a tourist hotspot thanks to mystical dungeons.

Scheduled to entertain gamers on the PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms, Dungeons of Hinterberg will be available on the Xbox Game Pass right from the day of its launch.

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