Expansion of Disco Elysium Scrapped, Studio Cuts Staff by a Quarter

ZA/UM, the game studio responsible for the 2019 critically acclaimed title Disco Elysium, is expected to let go of 24 employees, which constitutes approximately 25% of its total workforce. This follows the company's decision to cancel Project X7, which was intended to be a standalone expansion for Disco Elysium.

A purported internal communication from the CEO of ZA/UM, Ilmar Kompus, was leaked to GLHF, where Kompus stated: "Despite our management team and the X7 disciplines working tirelessly for the past eight months, after discussing with the team, I've been compelled to make the tough call to cancel X7. Unlike the temporary halt on Project P1, this termination is likely to necessitate layoffs within our ranks."

He went on to explain, "With the suspension of the X7 project, we are prompted to reevaluate and restructure our teams to enhance the support for our two active projects. Such reorganization is expected to lead to job cuts, predominantly affecting those directly involved with X7, in addition to other staff members not tied to development and projects beyond X7."

Project X7 was understood to be somewhere between one and two years away from being finished. The studio's other ongoing endeavors are currently known by their codenames, C4 and M0.

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