Helldivers 2 Developer Emphasizes The Importance Of Rest Before Tackling Additional Problems

Arrowhead Game Studios, the team behind Helldivers 2, has extended an apology to its gaming community for the persistent and vexing problems plaguing their experience. Acknowledging the necessity of rest for their team, the studio communicated their sentiments in a statement on Steam, post server upkeep, in which it dispatched a trio of swift patches. The maintenance aimed to rectify several pressing issues, specifically with game logins, server loading capacities, and the tracking of player progression and rewards.

Despite these initial steps, the problems have yet to be entirely ironed out. Arrowhead has committed to an unwavering effort to rectify the situation, stating it is imperative for the development team to take a brief interlude for rest before resuming their work to resolve the issues.

In their update, Arrowhead delved into the root causes of the server and login difficulties faced by players. They noted that failed connection attempts might occur when the number of login requests surpasses the threshold for a given minute, or when servers reach full capacity. This is in spite of the studio having already enhanced the login request rate limit to 20,000 per minute and boosting the server capability to support 360,000 simultaneous players, up from 250,000.

The studio also attributed the incorrect tracking of player rewards to the high volume of server traffic, while assuring players of their commitment to fix these issues.

Since the launch of Helldivers 2 last week, Arrowhead has been forced to deploy multiple urgent patches to address frequent matchmaking hiccups, crashes, and other substantial problems. Criticism from players has been aimed not only at the game's PC performance optimization and the implementation of its kernel-level GameGuard anti-cheat system, but also at the game's approach to monetization.

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