iOS 16.1 Arrives: Here Are the Perks

Following a recent (and quite uninteresting) iOS 16 update, Apple is catapulting iOS 16.1 live. This most recent overhaul brings forth a multitude of new nifty features and adjustments. Some of these features’ official names may sound mysterious and require extra explanations, but that’s what we’re here for. Read on for details. 

One of the most interesting new features arrived with iOS 16.1 is called Live Activities. It allows you to iPhone-manage the needed live updates from your favorite 3rd party applications — without even activating your gadget’s screen. As of now, very few applications ‘make friends’ with Apple’s new Live Activities tool. But the number will quickly grow, there’s no doubt about it.

Now, how about the possibility to lay your fingertips on Apple Fitness+ without the need to buy an Apple Watch for it? iOS 16.1 serves it on a silver platter for you. No more endless unsatisfied craving of all those fat-burning fitness routines and meditations. They are all within a moment’s reach now, for a monthly fee of $10!

Another newly introduced tool offers support for iCloud shared photo libraries. It allows you to create and share photographs within a single album, together with up to five people of your choice. With this tool, you will enjoy automatically sharing your newly taken pics within that family library of yours. We’re getting a warm and fuzzy feeling just imagining it.

In addition to all this, there’s also the handy US-oriented Clean Energy Charging functionality. It is smart enough to explore your charging patterns and only switch on when it’s positive that you’ll be keeping it plugged in while charging long-term. That way, you get to use cleaner energy sources.

So, how do you like the 16.1 overhaul? Any feature that particularly tickles your fancy? You’re welcome to share your impressions and reviews in the comment box below. We’re always happy to discuss all-things-technology with you.

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