Last Epoch Crosses 234,000 Peak Concurrent Players on Steam

Last Epoch, developed by Eleventh Hour Games, has reached a new peak in its journey after exiting Steam Early Access. The game witnessed an all-time high of 234,500 concurrent players on the platform, soaring past its previous best of 40,591 in March 2023. This milestone also places Last Epoch ahead of iconic titles such as Path of Exile, which had a peak of 211,637 players, and Diablo 4, with 28,836 players engaging concurrently.

Last Epoch has invited players into a captivating quest. The game's premise involves assembling the pieces of a significant artifact to avert a looming disaster. Players begin their adventure by choosing from one of the five initial classes. As they advance, selecting from three Masteries tailors each class's gameplay extensively. Moreover, individual skills grow through their unique skill trees, enhancing the depth of strategy and customization.

However, despite these achievements and the game's depth, Last Epoch has encountered hurdles primarily related to its online performance. Recent feedback on Steam has led to a decline in the game's user review scores to a "Mixed" status, with a positive rating from only 62 percent of reviewers. This downturn is largely attributed to server issues that have hindered players' ability to log in or transition between zones efficiently. To accommodate those affected, the game offers an offline mode. While this mode restricts trading, it compensates by activating the Circle of Fortune, which enhances loot drop rates, ensuring players still have a rewarding experience.

This blend of triumphs and challenges marks Last Epoch's ongoing journey, underscoring its commitment to refining the gameplay experience and its growing stature within the action RPG genre.

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