Latest Patch in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Puts an End to Fan-Favourite Venom Free-Roaming Glitch

Much to the players' chagrin, the recent update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 took away an entertaining Venom glitch, which had enabled free-roaming as the character.

In Insomniac’s third Spider-Man game, players get to experience gameplay from the perspectives of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. However, there is one single mission where Venom becomes a playable character, offering the opportunity for players to let loose temporarily as the formidable Spider-Man nemesis.

The stint with Venom is noticeably brief, though some players, exploiting a glitch, were able to use him to free roam throughout New York City and far beyond the mission's intended confines.

The glitch basically functioned by making Venom able to ascend certain buildings and continually hit an unseen wall, leading to the activation of free-roaming as Venom. The glitch, however, was not without its issues, often leading to the corruption of saved data, which forced Insomniac to release a fix.

After the latest update of Spider-Man 2, the fun glitch that facilitated NYC exploration with Venom was removed, according to Reddit user AKQX. The user posted gameplay footage of unsuccessful attempts at copying the free-roam trick, now patched by Insomniac. The video reveals the impenetrability of the invisible walls usually found atop certain buildings. An unseen force now pushes Venom back to the ground after crossing the upper edge of the building. While the Reddit thread contained numerous expressions of disappointment over the exclusion of the exploit, some users thought the developers were justified in their quick response, given that the glitch often resulted in corrupted saved data and enemies failing to spawn. This could be fixed by reloading a previous save, but hence the issue was addressed.

Several Spider-Man 2 players are simply disappointed they didn't get the opportunity to take advantage of the Venom glitch before it was modified. One such comment summed up this sentiment with a succinct "NOOOOO, I NEVER GOT TO TRY IT."

Nonetheless, players can still revel in the mayhem Venom wreaks for the duration of the permissible time within the game. Insomniac developers, intrigued by the idea, are also considering the making of a Venom spinoff based on player interest. However, the future of such a project remains uncertain.

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