Nintendo Ensures Adequate Production to Combat Resellers Ahead of Switch 2 Launch

Nintendo has developed a strategy to handle potential resellers of its upcoming Switch 2 console by ensuring sufficient hardware production.

During Nintendo’s 84th annual shareholder meeting, company president Shuntaro Furukawa addressed a question regarding measures to prevent resellers from impacting the availability of the Nintendo Switch 2. A recently released shareholder Q&A document, machine translated, noted this query from a shareholder who asked about resale measures for the Nintendo Switch successor. They mentioned that a plan to introduce some measures was discussed at last year’s shareholder meeting and wanted an update on current developments.

Furukawa responded that producing a sufficient amount of consoles to meet customer demand remains the most important countermeasure for resale. This stance has been consistent since the previous year.

Additionally, he mentioned that the company will consider the circumstances of each region and make decisions within the legal limits. Nintendo is evaluating whether additional countermeasures can be implemented in this area.

He also touched on how the situation has evolved since the global semiconductor shortage, which made it especially challenging to procure Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 hardware from late 2020 through 2021. While there were times when hardware production was severely affected, Furukawa indicated that this issue has been resolved and does not expect a lack of parts to significantly impact production now.

Although the effectiveness of this strategy remains to be seen, Furukawa's assurances should alleviate some concerns for those worried about paying excessively for the tentatively named Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo has previously confirmed that a Nintendo Switch successor will be announced within this fiscal year, hinting at a potential reveal in the upcoming months.

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