Speculation: Grand Theft Auto VI might not launch until April 2025

Grand Theft Auto VI is at the top of many enthusiasts' most-wanted game lists. Rockstar unveiled the game towards the end of the previous year, setting sights on a 2025 release. Fans have been fervently wishing the launch would happen at the start of 2025 rather than later in the year. However, market experts Nick McKay and Michael Pachter have posited an alternative timeline. These analysts observed that Rockstar revised its financial forecast for the fiscal year 2025, spanning April 2024 to March 2025, reducing its revenue projection from eight to seven billion dollars. This adjustment hints at a postponed release for GTA VI, likely after March. McKay and Pachter further theorize that Rockstar might have originally intended a launch in the first quarter of 2025, which would explain the previously higher financial expectations, but it seems plans have shifted, potentially delaying the game's arrival.

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