Tapbots Introduces Edit Button to Ivory for Mastodon

Tapbots, the developers behind both the now-discontinued Tweetbot and the new app for Mastodon, Ivory, has recently added an edit button in their latest update. This comes after Twitter unceremoniously stopped supporting third-party apps last month and announced new rules that require developers to pay for access to its application programming interface (API). Other updates include the ability to report users and posts, as well as support for server language translation services.

The edit button allows users of Tweetbot or Ivory on iOS devices to make changes to their content with ease. Users can quickly fix typos or add more information without having to delete the original post completely. It also makes it easier for moderators of large communities who need to keep a close eye on user behavior by allowing them quick access when editing any inappropriate posts that may be made. Additionally, Ivory has also added features such as post reporting, which will allow people in a community to easily alert moderators about any offensive or unwanted content being shared within their instance of Mastodon. Lastly, it now supports server language translations so users can communicate with each other irrespective of their native tongue.

The flexibility offered by these features is sure to come in handy, especially when dealing with different cultures and languages from all around the world - something that was not available before this update came out. In addition, since there are no longer third-party apps supported by Twitter anymore due to its recent policy change, these new additions are set to bring some much-needed relief, especially among those who were using them before they discontinued abruptly last month.

With this new development from Tapbots teaming up with Mastodon’s platform; it looks like we’re seeing a shift towards offering alternatives instead of relying solely on one source like Twitter exclusively anymore - something many people have been asking for overtime especially given its stringent policies surrounding privacy and data usage lately All in all this new update sounds very promising indeed!

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