Team Fortress Bots Can Hunt Cheaters

Team Fortress is famous for its problems with various bots. Sometimes they may become so numerous that you will lose interest in playing the game. However, not all of them are coming from cheaters. Several automated bots are designed to search for cheaters. If you launch the game right now, one of those algorithms will welcome you. 

There were made many attempts to hunt those cheating bots, but only with the launch of the Bot Extermination Service, this idea finally became true. Those hunting bots will not harm gaming mechanics. You may not even notice them, but they will do their job 24/7. This system is able to find bots and recognize human players allowing to ban cheating bots from the game forever.

This is a great solution as bots sometimes occupy servers, and the game becomes less interesting. Bot vs bot matches become a reality as the number of cheating algorithms is crucial. However, currently, the situation may change for better as new bot hunters will clean the field. Let’s hope this solution will work as it is expected and the game will become even more attractive.

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