Final Fantasy 16: The Power of Underappreciated Eikon Abilities

In the world of Final Fantasy 16, power comes in many forms. The most profound of these is the Eikon abilities. While some abilities are flashy and have become fan favorites, there are some that are underrated but just as compelling. Here, we will delve into the underappreciated Eikon abilities that should not be overlooked by players of this epic adventure.

1. Pile Drive

Pile Drive is a powerful ground-based attack that can deal significant damage to enemies in a line. This ability is often overlooked by many players due to its mundane appearance compared to the more flashy abilities, but don't be fooled. Pile Drive's utility in controlling battlefield positioning makes it a potent tool in any player's arsenal.

2. Mesmerize

Mesmerize is an ability that often gets overlooked because its effects aren't immediately apparent. Mesmerize forces enemies to attack each other, sowing chaos among their ranks. Its value lies not in its damage output but in its ability to disrupt enemy formations and strategies - a power that is priceless in the game's more challenging encounters.

3. Will O' The Wykes

Will O' The Wykes creates a group of illusionary allies that draw enemy attention. It may not deal any damage by itself, but it can easily turn the tide of a battle by distracting foes and giving Clive and his allies time to set up devastating combos. This ability is invaluable, especially against more formidable opponents where strategic tactics are necessary.

4. Flames Of Rebirth

The Flames Of Rebirth ability is often underused by players. This ability has the potential to fully revive incapacitated allies, effectively turning a losing scenario into a winning one. Flames Of Rebirth's ability to provide a second chance in dire situations makes it one of the most powerful and underrated abilities in Final Fantasy 16.

5. Aerial Blast

Aerial Blast strikes enemies from above, dealing significant damage. At first glance, it seems simple and unremarkable - but this ability's strength lies in its knock-down effect. By disrupting enemy attacks and actions, Aerial Blast can facilitate combos and set up opportunities for free hits, making it a subtle but effective part of your toolkit.

6. Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod is an ability that generates a shield that absorbs magic attacks, converting them into health. This ability is often overlooked due to its defensive nature, but when used strategically, it can provide invaluable healing and sustain in battles, especially against magic-heavy foes.

7. Earthen Fury

Earthen Fury calls upon the power of the earth to inflict heavy damage on enemies. Even though it's not the flashiest of abilities, its usefulness in staggering enemies and disrupting their attacks makes it extremely valuable during tight and high-stake battles.

8. Satellite

Satellite, on the surface, seems to be a fairly straightforward damage ability. What sets it apart, however, is its ability to hit numerous enemies from range, regardless of their positioning. This makes Satellites an excellent tool for crowd control and managing multiple foes from a safe distance.


In conclusion, while the bigger, flashier Eikon abilities may garner more attention, it is these underrated abilities that can sometimes make the biggest difference. Understanding and effectively utilizing these diverse abilities is key to mastering the strategic depth of Final Fantasy 16's combat system. So next time you're in battle, don't overlook these abilities - you might find that they're exactly what you need to turn the tide.

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