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Ramona Wainwright

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Rockstar Games unfurled their stellar masterpiece, Grand Theft Auto V, into the gaming arena as a dynamic third-person shooter. This monumental creation first saw the light of day in 2013 on last-generation consoles, before eventually making its foray into the domains of the PC and contemporary gaming systems. Testament to its magnificent stature in the gaming enclave, Grand Theft Auto V has notched up sales of over 130 million copies, amassing a colossal following in its stride.

Gameplay: Old Formula, New Taste

The gameplay formula in GTA V is exactly the same as in the other games of the series. There is a decent story, a vast open world, lots of additional activities, full freedom for the player, and tons of other content to explore. Everything good about the game won’t even fit into a single GTA V review like this. 

Grand Theft Auto V offers almost the same gameplay as before, but everything is significantly enhanced compared to the previous parts of the series. The best new feature is GTA Online, which makes the multiplayer experience better than ever.

Graphics: Not So Realistic

Graphics in GTA V are not actually realistic. The designers have implemented a style that is a little bit cartoony but that perfectly suits the game. GTA itself is not really serious, so such graphics only underline the game’s mood. In fact, such stylistic choice had a great impact on the optimization: the game runs perfectly on consoles and on most desktops. 

There sometimes are troubles in GTA Online on PC, so playing this mode might require a decent hardware set.

Controls: Gamepad, Keyboard, and Everything Else

The controls in GTA V are very easy to learn, which is traditional for the series. Basic moves are just as in other games, and for vehicle controls and different interactions there are only several buttons, which are used. The controls were designed for gamepads, but it is comfortable to play Grand Theft Auto V with any input device.

In Conclusion

Grand Theft Auto V is a must-play game. It has lots of content to explore and provides the unique experience of an open-world action game. It is so much fun to play GTA V in single-player mode that it will be interesting to play for dozens of hours. And GTA Online is simply jaw-dropping as it offers to play alongside with other gamers in the full open world.

The Best Part of It:

  • Lots of story missions and additional activities;

  • Great work on characters, their personalities, and the story itself;

  • Impressive action gameplay, which becomes even better in GTA Online.

The Worst Part of It:

  • Some of the content in GTA Online requires additional purchases;

  • The servers of GTA Online are not always stable.


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