About Us


At Dicelock, our dedicated team shares a fervent passion for games and apps. Founded in the bustling gaming world by Andrew Nicholson, our mission lies in creating and offering an abundance of gaming insights, reviews, news, and developments, straight from the heart of the industry.

Our founder, Andrew Nicholson, is an enthusiastic gamer with a deep knowledge of the gaming industry. His passion for games spurred him to create Dicelock, a platform for users to explore and share the dynamic world of web-based gaming. He set out with a mission to bridge the gap between game developers and players and help users make educated decisions about their gaming choices.

Wesley Thorne, one of our leading authors, specializes in strategy games and RPGs. He believes in the power of gaming to foster creative thinking and problem-solving skills. His comprehensive reviews and well-rounded insights help gamers to hone their skills, enjoy their play, and make informed purchasing choices.

Completing our team is Ramona Wainwright, a tech veteran with a deft touch in mobile and PC games. She is a seasoned game reviewer with detailed knowledge of app trends. Flipping her attentive eye onto the intricate dimensions of the gaming world, she guides our readers through breaking news, exciting releases, and behind-the-scenes highlights from the industry's most highly-anticipated titles.

We also pride ourselves as a highly interactive team, engaging with our readers through various means, be it in the comments section, through emails, or social media platforms. Your insights, reviews, and opinions about games matter to us. 

At Dicelock, our goal is to make gaming and app navigation genuinely intuitive, immersive, and exciting for our readers. Providing this platform offers us the chance to share our fascination and expertise with the broader gaming community. As a team, we remain committed to delivering the latest gaming trends, breaking news, comprehensive reviews, and engaging feature articles in the gaming world. 

As we continue to grow and develop, we thank you, our readers, for your unwavering support, and we invite you all to be part of this thrilling journey! Happy gaming!