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Apex Legends™ Review


Wesley Thorne

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Apex Legends has emerged as a colossal presence in the battle royale scene since its 2019 debut. Apex Legends captivates players with its heart-racing action, an eclectic array of characters known as Legends, and a deepening narrative that ties back to the Titanfall world. This game delivers a distinct experience that consistently draws enthusiasts back into its thrills. Let's delve into the characteristics that set Apex Legends apart in the highly competitive battle royale landscape.

Fast-Paced Action and Strategic Team Play

The game's biggest selling point is its blend of speed, mobility, and strategic teamwork. Apex Legends encourages players to think on their feet with characters that boast unique abilities, offering numerous tactical advantages. The interplay between Legends can significantly influence match outcomes, whether it's using Bloodhound's tracking skills to see through Bangalore's smoke or leveraging Horizon's gravity-defying powers for a height advantage. The constant emphasis on personal skill means a well-placed headshot can trump character abilities, creating a more level playing field compared to other hero shooters.

In Apex Legends, your proficiency with your weapon matters more than any bolt-on attachment you might find. The game's arsenal, regularly updated with new additions each season, presents a range of satisfaction when it comes to selection, customization, and playstyle. These ranged options, from sniper rifles to SMGs and shotguns, offer a level of diversity, ensuring every combat scenario feels fresh and challenging. Regular weapon adjustments help maintain a fair balance, preventing any single gun from becoming the dominant tool of destruction for too long.

Revolutionary Systems and Ever-changing Arenas 

One cannot discuss Apex's innovative nature without mentioning the game-changer, the Evo Shields, which level up as you deal damage, reinforcing aggressive play and smart engagements. The iconic sliding mechanic provides an exhilarating sense of freedom, which, paired with superbly designed maps like Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus, guarantees each round feels different. These maps not only look stunning but also inherently shape divergent strategies. Interchanging them seasonally alongside creative limited-time modes injects further vitality into the game.

Apex Legends features a compelling ranked mode that stands as a testament to its competitive potential. Here, you battle against peers of similar skill, constantly challenging yourself to climb the ranks. However, inconsistency in server performance can tarnish the competitive sheen, with lag and desync issues leading to unregistered shots and outright delays. This is especially frustrating when every decision and action could tip the balance of a heated match.

A Standout Title in a Saturated Genre

Combining a rich character roster, fine-tuned gunplay, innovative mechanics like the ping system for non-verbal communication, and dynamic maps - Apex Legends has firmly entrenched itself as a go-to battle royale. Despite recurring hiccups with audio bugs and server stability, the game consistently offers an intense, squad-centric experience that's hard to put down after that 'one last game.'

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