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Ramona Wainwright

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Fortnite is a battle royale game created by Epic Games. Its release date was on July 25, 2020, and the game has been ported to most platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. However, the game is currently not available in Apple’s App Store due to the company’s conflict with Epic Games.

Gameplay: Something New in Battle Royale

We are glad to start this Fortnite review with the best part of Epic’s project: the gameplay. In terms of its core mechanics, Fortnite is a classic battle royale game: it is session-based, and in each game 100 players jump on an island and fight each other until there is only one player left. However, Fortnite has something unique to offer. 

The building mechanics are a completely new and unseen before approach to battle royale: the players in Fortnite are able to create forts from the resources they loot around the map. These mechanics are not only giving more opportunities to the player but also increasing the difficulty: building forts fast enough is not easy.

Graphics: Beautiful Style

Fortnite boasts an exceptional visual prowess that merges a playful, cartoonish aesthetic with an element of fantastical realism. This unique style lends itself to the seamless integration of elements that defy conventional reality, delighting players with an array of imaginative scenarios. The sprawling in-game map is awash with distinct locales and awe-inspiring structures, each contributing to a truly vibrant gaming environment. 

Moreover, the topography of the Fortnite universe allows for an exciting range of landscapes to traverse and discover. The graphics, while intricately detailed, retain a certain simplicity that supports seamless play on PCs and mobile devices alike. This ingeniously inclusive approach by Epic Games enables full cross-play among enthusiasts across different platforms, a testament to the game's universal appeal and accessibility.

Controls: Get Ready to Learn

Despite the fact that the game looks a bit childish with its style, it is really hard. The controls are typical for third-person view shooters, but the building mechanics mentioned above are pretty challenging. It will take you lots of time to learn building forts in seconds, but this skill is very important to remain competitive. So if you want to truly master Fortnite, be ready for some challenge.

In Conclusion

Fortnite is a great game to play alone or with friends. Its gameplay is fresh and unique, it has adorable graphics appropriate for the players of all ages, and it is available on all platforms with a cross-play feature. The game is free to play, so you can try it anytime without making any payments. It is also constantly receiving new updates with new gameplay features, map changes, and skin packs.

The best part of it:

  • Great replay value due to frequent content updates;

  • In-game transactions are skin-only and do not affect the gameplay;

  • The optimization is great and allows the game to offer cross-play.

The worst part of It:

  • The game is currently unavailable on iOS devices.


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