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Hello Neighbor Review


Wesley Thorne

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Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels. It had its initial release date in 2017 on PC and has been later ported to Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The player has to sneak into his neighbor’s basement and reveal his secrets.

Gameplay: More Stealth Than Survival

We would like to start this Hello Neighbor review with some clarification about the game’s genre. Despite on all official pages of the game it is stated that it’s a survival horror, there are actually not so many survival elements and mechanics. It is more correct to call the game a stealth horror as all you have to do to survive is to avoid the Neighbor and his traps. 

All in all, the gameplay is pretty standard for the genre: you have to solve different puzzles to open new rooms and reach the final one in the result.

Graphics: Has Its Style

Hello Neighbor is an interesting project in terms of visuals. The graphics are not very detailed, the environment is fairly empty, and the light is too simple for modern games. 

However, it is important to remember that Hello Neighbor is an indie project in the first place. And compared to other indie horror games like Granny it looks pretty nice. The cartoony style makes it less creepy, but it definitely looks better than any average indie game.

Controls: Typical Inputs

As the game is a classic stealth horror in terms of its main mechanics, the controls are pretty much the same as in other games like this. Hello Neighbor will be extremely easy to learn if you have ever played horrors, but it is also user-friendly for new players. 

The controls are intuitive and it is comfortable to play Hello Neighbor on any platform or with any input device.

In Conclusion

Hello Neighbor is an interesting experience. It feels much better than any average indie horror, but still not as good as an AAA project. It is a great game for the fans of stealth horrors, but if you do not like the genre, Hello Neighbor won’t likely change your impression about it. The game has rather low replay value, so we only suggest to buy it for those who played stealth horrors before and enjoyed them.

The Best Part of It:

  • The puzzles are pretty hard to solve;

  • The graphics are good for an indie project;

  • The enemy is adapting to your behavior.

The Worst Part of It:

  • It has rather low replay value.

  • It is still not as good as big games are.

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