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Jitsi Meet Review


Wesley Thorne

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Jitsi Meet is an app for hosting and participating in conferences. It was released by 8x8, Inc. and is available on Android, iOS, and PC. The app offers a quick option to invite people to conferences without them having to download it.

Features: Small but Fast

The core features of the app are pretty simple: it just allows you to host and attend online video chats. In this Jitsi Meet review, we would like to focus more on the additional benefits of this app. First of all, there are no limits with Jitsi Meet. While the other developers set artificial borders for the maximum number of users in a conference, Jitsi Meet allows you to invite as many people as you want. The only limits are the connection power and server power. 

Another great feature of the app is that the participants don’t have to download it: you can easily invite users by sending them generated URL’s and they will be able to connect through their browsers.

Design, Interface & Usability: Extraordinarily Easy

The app’s key benefit is that it is easy to use. The app’s design is very intuitive and simple: you will instantly figure out how to use it. The best thing is the web version as the developers took into account that users invited by a URL have never used Jitsi Meet before. They understood that such people need to quickly figure out how it works and they managed to make the web version’s interface more intuitive than you can imagine.

Platforms & Requirements: Not So Optimized On Mobile

The system requirements are rather low: to use Jitsi Meet you need a device with an Android 6.0 or later or iOS 11.0 or higher. In most cases it means that the app is greatly optimized for budget devices, but Jitsi Meet is an exception for this rule. The users report frequent bugs and connection issues, the app crashes randomly and there are some other problems as well.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Jitsi Meet is an app of great ideas. People can instantly connect with each other by inviting new participants through links. The web version is designed perfectly and all versions are really user-friendly. 

The only drawback of Jitsi Meet is its poor optimization, which completely ruins the experience for many users. Taking that into account, we conclude that this app is great for only one-time calls, when you need to quickly connect with another person, who does not have any other apps installed.

The Best Part of It:

  • No limits for the amount of participants;

  • Great user interface on all versions;

  • All the necessary features for communication.

The Worst Part of It:

  • The optimization is pretty poor.

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