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Wesley Thorne

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PDF Viewer & Book Reader is an app developed by Maple Media. As its name suggests, the main features are to open PDF files and comfortably read PDF books by configuring viewing options. You can download PDF Viewer & Book Reader for free on Android; it already has more than five million downloads in Google Play.

Features: Read and Manage

The feature list in our PDF Viewer & Book Reader review is rather small as the app does not offer a wide range of different features. The developers have focused on solving the particular problem of opening files and managing them on the device and this allowed them to create a simple and functional tool. 

PDF Viewer by Maple Media can open PDFs and offers several options to configure the display options. You can even change the contrast, gamma, and exposure settings to make the reading comfortable. 

There are also several management functions: you can sort your files, import them and use the smart search tool to look up the specific document you need.

Design, Interface & Usability: Great Usability

The design of this app is great: the interface is never overloaded, positively affecting the user experience. The reading section of the app offers an overlay with all the necessary buttons, which you can anytime hide to concentrate on reading. The other sections are also made in minimalistic and functional style, making the app very simple and user-friendly.

Platforms & Requirements: An Impressive Four

The app is only available on Android as it was designed to work with document management as well. The compatibility is pretty impressive, as the app requires only an Android 4.4 to run properly. This allows even the old smartphones to read the PDF documents comfortably. The app is frequently updated by the developers, and the bugs are usually quickly fixed.

In Conclusion

PDF Viewer & Book Reader by Maple Media is a great tool to view PDF files, read PDF books and manage the files on your phone. It has a set of flexible configurations to properly optimize the visual representation of the viewed document for comfortable reading. The interface is also great as it is minimalistic and never distracts you from reading. 

The only drawback is that the app contains ads, which interfere with the reading process. There is an option to make a purchase and turn off the advertisements, but it is hard to read books without making that purchase.

The Best Part of It:

  • Great user interface with no unnecessary extras;

  • Flexible tool for document view configuration;

  • Nice optimization that requires only Android 4.4 for the app to run properly.

The Worst Part of It:

  • The free version contains ads interfering with the reading process.


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