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Knights of San Francisco Review


Wesley Thorne

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Knights of San Francisco is a mobile text RPG with simulated combat set in the city of San Francisco.  The player creates a character and chooses one of the three classes: Knight, Rogue, or Mage. The player then begins their adventure in the city, completing quests and fighting monsters.


Knights of San Francisco is a text RPG, so the bulk of the gameplay is based on the reading. The player clicks on choices to make their character talk and then reads the resulting text. The game has a basic combat system where the player chooses their actions from a list and watches the battle unfold. There are also some puzzles to solve.


The graphics are simple but effective. The characters are portrayed as sketches against a colored background. This gives the game a hand-drawn feel, which compliments the story. The game is set in the city of San Francisco, so the player can see all of the famous landmarks. The characters and enemies are all well-drawn and look like they belong in the game.


The controls are very simple. The player just clicks on the choices to make their character talk, and clicks on the combat buttons to choose their actions. The player can also use the various buttons on the toolbar to perform different actions.


The game has a lot of replay value. There are three different classes to play as, and each class has its own unique storyline. There are also numerous side quests to complete.


Knights of San Francisco is a fun and addictive text RPG. The graphics are simple but charming, and the gameplay is easy to learn but challenging. There is a lot of replay value, with three different classes and numerous side quests. The only downside is that the combat is a little basic. Overall, Knights of San Francisco is an enjoyable game and a great choice for RPG fans

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