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Hangouts Meet Review


Wesley Thorne

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Google Meet is a program for creating and attending conferences. It was developed by Google and is available for free on iOS and Android. It also has a browser version for desktops. Google Meet supports up to 250 simultaneous users and offers all the basic features for the communication of the participants.

Features: Wild and Free

It is almost impossible to list all the great features of this app in a single Google Meet review like this, so we will focus on the most important ones. Of course, with this app you can create and visit conferences and there is a basic toolset for communication. But what makes Google Meet special are the additional features it offers. 

First of all, there is the Google security level connection, which properly protects the confidentiality of your meetings. There is also a great quality of video offered and a high limit for the amount of participants is available: up to 250 people can connect during one session.

Design, Interface & Usability: Next Level Usability

The best thing about Google Meet is that it is incredibly easy to use this app. Google does a great job in designing their software and Google Meet is no exception. The interface of the Google Meet  mobile version is almost perfect: it is very intuitive and the app is logically structured. 

On desktops it is even more comfortable as Google Meet is available as a web app and you do not have to download anything. However, some users state in their reviews that they did not really enjoy the redesign of Google Meet, which was issued in the beginning of October 2020.

Platforms & Requirements: Light Power

The app is greatly optimized on all platforms. For it to work properly on PC you just have to use a compatible browser and have a little spare operating memory. If you are going to use it on mobile, you need to have either Android 5.0 or higher for Android devices or iOS 12.0 or later for iOS smartphones and tablets.

In Conclusion

To sum up, Google Meet is a great communicating tool for all purposes. It allows to create large and stable video conferences and offers a comprehensive set of tools for sharing content and co-working on it. It is very easy to use and all the versions of the app are very intuitive and user-friendly. There are dozens of good conference apps on the market, but Google Meet is completely free, so we suggest giving it a shot.

The Best Part of It:

  • High visitor capacity of up to 250 people per conference;

  • Google standards of security;

  • Good video quality.

The Worst Part of It:

  • Many users were disappointed with the design update of October 2020.


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